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How to Setup Your Projector

How to Setup Your Projector

Here are some handy tips on how to setup one of our standard white Epson projectors:

Setting up Your Projector

ease follow these instructions to setup your data projector – 

1) Remove the projector, power cable (large black cable) and appropriate input cables from the projector bag (see below for input cable options)

2) Place the projector onto a stand/table etc. typically at a height of 50cm – 1m at around 4 – 8m from the screen/wall (depending on the size of the screen or wall) and open the cover over the lens (by moving the screen right to left, when looking at the front of the projector)

3) Plug the power cable into the projector and wall (left hand side of the back of the projector – see photo below) 

4) Plug the appropriate input cable into the projector and your system (see below for what systems are accepted)

5) Turn on the power at the wall

6) Wait for 30 seconds

7) Press the blue ‘Power’ button on top of the projector and wait another 30 seconds for the projector to turn on and warm up

8) Adjust the positioning of the projector and use the ‘Menu’ to zoom in and out, and change the dimensions of the image that is being projected

9) Adjust the ‘Focus’ by moving the black knob above the lens left and right

10) Enjoy your event!

Should you require any assistance to setup your projector please call us on 0413 129 115. We’re always happy to help. 

What Systems are Accepted?

Please click here to see what systems are accepted and how each of them work. 

Input Cable Options

A projector requires a data source like a laptop or set top box in order to work, Ie you cannot plug a TV arial directly into the projector. In order to connect the projector to the set top box or laptop you can use the following inputs – 

 – HDMi

 – Component (D-sub 15 pin)

 – RCA (Yellow)

 – S-Video

 – USB-A

 – USB-B

 – VGA Computer 


The projector includes a speaker with a 1W output which is suitable for very small events. We recommend that you use an external audio source if your event has an audience of more than 2-3 people and we now have a range of speakers for hire.

Remote Control

Remote control’s are available upon request from Perth Projector Hire. Typically, we will provide a remote control when customers are using the data projector for a business Powerpoint presentation, which allows the presenter to scroll through slides easily (without having to stand in close proximity the laptop etc). Without access to to a remove, you can still adjust the picture quality/zoom etc. by using the ‘Menu’ buttons on top of the projector. Press ‘Menu’ and then use the buttons surrounding the ‘Enter’ button as arrows (up, down, left and right) to select the appropriate menu option. 

Packing Away the Projector After Use

Once you are finished using the projector, please complete the following steps to pack it away – 

1) Hold the ‘Power’ button to turn off the projector. 

2) Shut the screen covering the lens at the front of the projector

3) Turn the power off at the wall and un-plug the power cable from the wall

4) Un-plug the power cable from the back of the projector, fold it up and place it within the front pocket of your projector bag

5) Un-plug the input cable (HDMi, RCA, RGB, USB etc.), fold it up and place it within the front pocket of your projector bag

6) Place the projector into the bag, ensuring that the lens is facing up

7) Return your projector to Perth Projector Hire

The team at Perth Projector Hire are happy to assist where possible so if you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

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