Safety & Liability

The care and oversee of all items hired from Perth Projector Hire is the responsibility of the person in charge of the event, and the person who has signed this agreement or paid the invoice (which confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions).

To the extent permitted by law, Perth Projector Hire disclaims all liability for and does not give any warranties to the hirer as to the condition of the equipment. The hire period is completed when the equipment has been returned to or collected by Perth Projector Hire in the same condition as when it was hired on or by the date and time outlined in the Welcome Email, or will be deemed completed on the date agreed for pick-up by Perth Projector Hire, or drop-back by the hirer.

Any persons / organizations hiring from Perth Projector Hire are responsible / liable for any damage or injuries occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. Persons using (Perth Projector Hire) equipment do so at their own risk. Perth Projector Hire cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury to anyone using the equipment however caused. The equipment hired is not covered by insurance for fire, theft, burglary or accidental damage, and as such the responsibility for loss or damage of the equipment lies with you, the Hirer. If hired equipment is damaged, destroyed or confiscated due to irresponsible behaviour or otherwise, the Hirer will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement as well as costs associated with the loss of income due to the unavailability of the equipment (payable within 5 working days). Perth Projector Hire is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage or injury sustained when using equipment hired from us.

Payments & Refunds

Payment is required in FULL to secure your booking, unless there has been a suitable arrangement organised with Projector Hire Melbourne prior to the function/event, and Perth Projector Hire has the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received within 5 working days of the invoice date, or if payment is not received within 24 hours of your

All issues are to be resolved on the day of hire, not after the event.

If there is a breakdown or failure of the equipment the hirer has to notify Perth Projector Hire immediately for the appropriate action to be taken by calling us on 0413 129 115.

Payment of the invoice confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Hirer may cancel the booking at any time if more than (7) days notice is given without loss or penalty however, if the booking is cancelled within (7) days of your function Perth Projector Hire will refund the hire fees paid less a $90.00 booking fee.

Equipment Required

You will be required to provide:

  1. A laptop with HDMi, VGA or Apple Thunderbolt outputs along with a movie player and movie to watch (iTunes do not allow projectors so we suggest a movie player like ‘Quicktime’). Alternatively, a DVD and DVD player can be used along with HDMi or RCA outputs. Perth Projector Hire does not provide movies, laptops or DVD players unless otherwise arranged.
  2. An extension cord and power board.
  3. A small stand or stool approximately knee high and at least 70cm x 70cm. We do not permit the setup of projectors on roofs or patios unless otherwise arranged.
  4. The projector will need to be positioned approx. 4 metres away from the screen and your audience will sit behind the projector in an area is not bright and has complete cover from the wind and rain.

Powerpoint Presentations

If you are watching a Powerpoint presentation the projector is not suitable for presentations with small print.

Late Return of Equipment

If the equipment is returned late, the customer will reimburse Perth Projector Hire for the total cost of any orders that have to be cancelled (payable within 5 working days).

Pickup & Delivery

Pickups and deliveries are made between 10am and 2pm on weekdays and before 12noon on weekends, unless organised otherwise. Additional costs may apply if you require delivery or pickup outside of these hours.