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What Systems are Accepted?

What Systems are Accepted?

Our data projectors will work with a number of different systems. Before you contact a specialist, please make sure you are ready to answer the following questions – 

 – What sort of event am I am holding ? For eg – kids party, business workshop etc.
 – What venue are we holding it at and how many people will be attending?
 – What system will I be using? (laptop, DVD player, iPad etc.)
 – Do I require speakers? and if so, do I have access to any speakers?
 – If I require speakers, what outputs are on the system (does it have an AUX or RCA output?)


Laptops are the most popular system used by customers of Perth Projector Hire. Mac and Windows machines are accepted and in most cases a HDMi or VGA cable is used to connect the laptop to projector. If you have a Mac laptop without a HDMi input we have a series of adapters that connect the Thunderbolt connect to HDMi or VGA cables. 

Please note – If you are watching a movie through the laptop you will also require a third party sound source. We offer a range of speakers for hire although you will need to ensure that your laptop has an AUX (headphones) output in order for the speakers to sync, as the speakers will not work if plugged directly into the projector. 

Blu-Ray Players & DVD Players

Typically, customers will run a HDMi or RCA cables (red, yellow and white) from the Blu-ray / DVD player to the projector. In most cases, RCA cables are recommended as this will allow you to use the red and white audio cables to plug into a set of speakers. Our Sony speakers do not include RCA inputs however we do have a range of RCA-AUX (3.5mm) connectors / adapters – so please ask a specialist if you are not sure how to connect your player to the projector. 


iPhones no longer allow you to connect to a projector.


Our equipment syncs easily with iPads(newer versions using the Lighting cable – iPhone 5+), simply connect the Lighting cable to a HDMi or VGA adapter and plug our Sony speakers into the AUX / headphones cable from your iPad. 

Set Top Box

A set top box is the preferred choice for customers wanting to watch a TV show or sports event. Please note that Foxtel no longer allow a connection from your Foxtel box to a projector, so you will need to use a set top box connected to a ‘free to air’ television station. The sound/audio will work in the same way as a blu-ray / DVD player so please see above (VGA connection recommended). 

Apple TV

We have recently had a number of customers contact us in regards to using an Apple TV device with a projector. This is now possible with the correct adapters so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Foxtel recently prevented residential viewers from connecting projectors to Foxtel boxes so unfortunately this is no longer an option. 

Still Unsure?

If you have any queries about how your system will work with our equipment, please contact us to speak with a specialist. 

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