3600 Lumen Projector, Tripod Screen, Party Speaker & 2 Wireless Microphones

$242.00 / night

Projector & Microphone Hire Package from $242 inc. GST + Delivery.

This package is perfect for business presentations and workshops and includes everything you need – 3600 lumen Epson projector, large tripod screen, large party speaker and 2 wireless microphones!

The projector will need to be positioned approx. 4 metres away from the screen and your audience will sit behind the projector in an area that has access to power, a small stand (knee height is ideal), is not too bright and has complete cover from the wind and rain.

You will need to supply a laptop with HDMi or VGA outputs, or a DVD player with RCA outputs. The speaker can connect to your laptop via bluetooth or AUX (headphone) cable.

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